The Rapidly Changing Face of Online Marketing

Search engine optimization is an ever-changing business that is in a constant state of flux with search engines like Google & Bing constantly trying to improve user experiences, causing updated algorithms and an ever-changing need for a better search engine for the end user. This brings us to SEO and why it matters to you and why it will matter more in 2, 3 and even 5 years from now.
Local SEO is the optimization of search results that appear when you search for something in your local area, usually when a keyword is followed by the city you are searching in. Now the search engines for the most part will already have geo-targeted the search results for you and know what country/state/province you are searching in, but the real deep down local SEO comes when a user searches for something with an exact city and the keyword.

An example would be someone searching SEO Toronto, they clearly would be looking for the services of search engine optimizers in Toronto area and hence forth the search results should show up for local companies that provide the services. The localized listings give a much more targeted search result and therefore tend to be more valuable for small-medium sized businesses in their local area.

Local SEO is not an art form, it is simply the joining together of keywords and local cities and or states where you are trying to direct the end user to find your localized product or service. Putting this right in front of the target consumer is the end goal and usually results in better sales for the business.

In recent years there has been an influx of local online marketing and SEO which is creating more competition in the marketplace and this causes more of a need for a full range of SEO web marketing solutions to manage your businesses needs. Having a number one ranking in the search engines can be worth thousands of dollars depending on the keywords and if your business is looking to grow and you have the budget for SEO, the long term payoff of achieving a top ranking can be more than worthwhile.

SEO 101: An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

If you own a website or an online business, then it is important that you have a good understanding of what SEO is and how it can help you in maximizing you profits. SEO or search engine optimization refers to the process of improving a website’s visibility in search engines through the natural, organic or algorithmic search results. Generally, the higher the ranking of a website is on the search engine results, the more visitors it would be receiving, which is exactly what online business and website owners need in order to generate more income. Search engine optimization can target different types of searches including image searches, video searches, news searches and other types of searches.

As a type of internet marketing strategy, search engine optimization can be used by a website or online business owner through considering how a search engine works, what people typically search for, which search engines are often used by their target audience and what search terms are typed into search engines. There are several ways on how search engine optimization can be done including the editing of the content and the HTML of a website to increase its relevance to certain keywords as well as to remove specific barriers from the indexing of search engines. Some other SEO expert tactics include increasing the number of inbound links or backlinks of a website and article marketing.

Link Building Tips

When it comes to building links, there are some top tips that every link builder or search engine marketer should bear in mind. Below are a few link building tips to get you started in ranking your website number one for your key phrases

1) Conduct competitor link research – get the edge you need over other businesses in your industry and conduct thorough competitor research using free tools available on the internet. There are many tools either free to download or to use over the web that can help you look at the type of links other websites are building.
2) Consider quality over quantity – like with most things, you get what you pay for when it comes to buying links. For the same price you could get a few links from low quality sites or one great quality. Understanding your budget is important so that you can make the most of you can afford.
3) Develop link bait – if you want other sites to link to you then it’s important to give them a reason to. Do you have a resource section? A news feed that’s relevant to your industry?
4) Write great content – if you want to encourage organic linking to your site, top quality content is what you need. This is the most natural form of link building and can provide your site with sustainable benefits.
5) Make the most of online tools – no good link builder is without his trusty tools. There are many free and fantastic tools available to use on the internet to help your link building campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Search engine optimization, which is more commonly referred to as SEO, is the process of making a website more appealing to search engine spiders. The end result, if done correctly, is better ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEO is comprised of two general aspects: on page and off page optimization. On page optimization includes having clean code, precise use of the keywords you desire to rank for, a wealth of relevant content and using appropriate title tags to let search engine spiders know that your content is a perfect fit among top ranking websites for your niche and keywords.

Off page optimization, on the other hand, is slightly more important and involves a good deal more work as well. The process of off page optimization primarily focuses on what are commonly called backlinks. Backlinks are links on other websites, web 2.0 properties and blogs that point back to your website with anchored text.

Backlinks play a very important role in SEO. In order to obtain enough quality backlinks to boost your website and it’s pages up in search engine rankings you will either have to manually create them or pay a company that offers SEO services to do it for you.

Paying an SEO service is a better option simply because you can spend your time creating much needed, fresh content for your websites rather than spend hours in front of the screen doing the mind-grueling task of creating links to your site. Not to mention most services produce much higher quality links and are much quicker at doing so as well.

SEO aside, if you really want to obtain loads of high quality, paying visitors for your website you need to consider the use of social media marketing.

Social media marketing is a rather new and powerful means of building a brand and getting tons of website traffic. It’s only been recently that social media has become an incredible way of obtaining new leads and sales and that is in great part thanks to popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Both Facebook and Twitter are just a few years old but have grown exponentially and made if possible for business owners and internet marketers to get massive, high quality hits to their site without the need of search engines like Google.

If you are looking to really build a brand around your business name then you can not afford to leave social media marketing out of your strategies. The power of a Facebook fan page is incredible. Facebook marketing allows you to use the “handshake model” to get new eyes on your page very easily and quickly.

Once one person on Facebook “likes” your business’ fan page, your business name and products are almost instantly put in front of 300 or more other people’s eyes. And once those people “like” your page it’s only a matter of time before your website and products have been viewed by thousands of new prospects.

In conclusion, a combination of SEO and social media marketing is an excellent way to build up website traffic, generate new leads and more all in record timing. The internet has become a powerful means of business. Get your name out there and make use of it.