The importance of domain extension with the web hosting company

Searching the name of a site is an important step for any webmasters. And choosing this name will affect the performances of the site and the money that need to be invested in the site later. As soon as you find a good web hosting company for your site, it is time to look for a name. The web hosting company has an engine that will ease your searches, and you will observe major differences in terms of prices of the domains based on the extension of the site.

For example, a domain with an extension of .com is cheaper, but it is believed that a domain with the extension .us and .uk for US and UK sites are better, as they are liked more by Google. Although it was not proven, it seems like the extension of the domain is important for optimization, so it is better to choose an extension that suits your needs, even if this extension might be a little more expensive than the common ones. If you want to have an educational site, you might think about the extension .edu, but be advised that not all the web hosting UK providers are able to sell you those extensions, but the customer support of the hoster might clarify this aspect.

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