The Rapidly Changing Face of Online Marketing

Search engine optimization is an ever-changing business that is in a constant state of flux with search engines like Google & Bing constantly trying to improve user experiences, causing updated algorithms and an ever-changing need for a better search engine for the end user. This brings us to SEO and why it matters to you and why it will matter more in 2, 3 and even 5 years from now.
Local SEO is the optimization of search results that appear when you search for something in your local area, usually when a keyword is followed by the city you are searching in. Now the search engines for the most part will already have geo-targeted the search results for you and know what country/state/province you are searching in, but the real deep down local SEO comes when a user searches for something with an exact city and the keyword.

An example would be someone searching SEO Toronto, they clearly would be looking for the services of search engine optimizers in Toronto area and hence forth the search results should show up for local companies that provide the services. The localized listings give a much more targeted search result and therefore tend to be more valuable for small-medium sized businesses in their local area.

Local SEO is not an art form, it is simply the joining together of keywords and local cities and or states where you are trying to direct the end user to find your localized product or service. Putting this right in front of the target consumer is the end goal and usually results in better sales for the business.

In recent years there has been an influx of local online marketing and SEO which is creating more competition in the marketplace and this causes more of a need for a full range of SEO web marketing solutions to manage your businesses needs. Having a number one ranking in the search engines can be worth thousands of dollars depending on the keywords and if your business is looking to grow and you have the budget for SEO, the long term payoff of achieving a top ranking can be more than worthwhile.

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