Web Hosting Control Panels

If you are new to running a website, it is important to choose a website hosting service that provides a good, easy to use control panel. This is the interface that allows you to make changes to the running of your website, check traffic stats, manage databases and manage files. The easier your control panel is to use, the better your website will end up being. A good control panel should adapt to fit your needs as your site grows.

The most well-established and well-known control panel for web hosting is cPanel, which is also widely considered to be the best in the business. This company offers a range of control panels to suit different budgets and needs; it is a real bonus if cPanel is on offer as part of a package for web hosting. Other good control panel providers include Plesk, a Linux panel, and Ensim Pro.

Both cPanel and Plesk provide good intuitive controls over your website, and both are easy to use for beginners whilst allowing more experienced users flexibility. Some web hosting services use their own custom designed control panels. While these can be good, it is best to research reviews carefully before choosing a company with an unknown control panel.

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