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What Is Google Page Rank? 

What is page rank? Basically it’s an algorithm for link analysis. This was greatly influenced by citation analysis which started in the fifties. A link analysis algorithm basically gives a set of hyperlinked documents and weighed in a numerical form. This is assigned a number between 0 and 10. This weight represents exactly how popular or how important a web page is on the Internet. This particular system of ranking is trademarked and patented. If a website has a high page rank and is back linked to another page then that page also receives higher ranking. 

Google has also created a tool bar besides page rank. This is easy to download and install into your web browser. The toolbar also has an option to add a page rank and also shows the page rank of every website you visit. Google also has a directory page rank where the value of each website is measured. However, Google Directory page rank never shows the actual value of a page but instead uses a green bar which represents the value. 

Related to Google’s page rank is the search engine results page rank also known as SERP rank. Using this page ranking, websites are ranked according to how the keywords of the content are ranked and entered into Google’s search engine query box. This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization and a good link building service come into play. SEO professionals know that the content of a website must be optimized. Optimizing a website means that the content must contain links and keywords that make the site rank high in search engine results when related keywords are used in the query box. How high a website or web page ranks the more relevant keywords have been used. Google also checks keywords of every website and webpage to verify that all keywords used are between 1% and 4%. If the keywords are not relevant or keywords are used more than 4% Google ranks the website or web page lower in the search results. 

Because of the importance of high page rankings, there are several firms that are in the business of selling links that are high in page rank. This is used so that website owners can place ads or links on high ranking pages. Of course Google considers this to be extremely unethical and warns website owners  that if caught using this practice they will make these links lower in value. This is mainly due to the fact that it lowers the integrity of search engine results and also the entire page rank system as well. 

There are several variations of Google’s page rank. A perfect example is using page rank in ranking academic programs and ranking their locations as well such as streets to create a ranking of the number of people in each street location. 

For more information on Google page rank search on the Internet. Google page rank has improved the rankings of thousands of websites and web pages and continues to be one of the most popular methods to improve page rankings.


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Domain Age: Is The Age Of Your Domain Really That Important?

The age of your domain can have direct results on the performance of your websites placement in search engines. There are two key factors that should be considered when you determine the age of your domain. 

The first thing you need to look at is when you registered your domain. Next look at the length of time your domain will be registered for. The longer the length of time the better a website will perform regarding search engine rankings. Major search engines like Google look at domains that are registered for long periods of time. They regard this as that website being committed to their domain name. It is also a sign that website is not a fly by night or a spam site only around for a short period of time. Professionals in the SEO industry agree that you should always register your domain for as long a period of time as possible. This is because all search engines consider that factor a sign of steadiness when looking at a website. 

There are certain guidelines that are used in determining if a domain is illegitimate or legitimate. For example, any domain can be renewed for any period of time up to 10 years. Legitimate domains quite often pay for several years at a time in advance. Illegitimate or doorway domains take shorter periods of time. The date of renewal in the future quite often is a factor in determining if a domain is legitimate. If you have purchased a new domain and website and you plan on staying around for a few years you may not think any of this is relevant. However, it is very important to understand that Google uses an algorithm and applies it to new websites. New websites do not appear in search results for a certain period of time. There are one of two reasons for this. Either the domain and website are new or the website is not popular, meaning there are no links pointing to the website. There is a waiting period that Google allows to sort out exactly which websites are dedicated to staying online and those that will not. The process helps Google provide only relevant and quality websites to searchers. 

When you register your domain make it for as long a period of time as possible. This tells search engines that your intentions are honorable and your website is going to be around for a long time. 

Consider using domain names that have been previously owned. Be sure that these domains have been previously owned by reputable and legitimate websites before you buy them. 

If you are having a difficult time in determining which domain name is the right one for your website or you are not launching your website immediately then it’s highly advised you register more than one domain name. When you register more than one domain name you can redirect them to the main domain at any time. If while you are deciding which name to use the other domain names gain age then you have the advantage.  


Duplicate Content Penalties 

Duplicate content is not always easy to find. Many people define it as a chunk of content that is used in the exact same form across several domains. However, it is not always considered a deceptive or malicious practice and usually does not harm the owners of the websites. There is also the other side which is duplicate content penalties which are the result of deceptive practices. 

There are many website owners that get a heavy penalty from search engines like Google for duplicate content. One of the biggest issues with duplicate content is that the content is on your own website. This is a bad move on behalf of that website owner. Because the visitors to that website do not enjoy the experience. This is one of the main reasons why some website owners receive heavy penalties from Google because the same content is showing up several times on the same domain. 

When it comes to dealing with duplicate content on the same website there are several issues that the website owner needs to address. Of course duplicate content is one of them and needs to be physically corrected by the website owner. Another issue that is quite often overlooked are server issues that need to be resolved. This quite often is the reason for duplicate content with Google. The algorithm that Google uses sees your website either incorrectly or sees your website correctly and takes into consideration the issues on the server side. Most of these issues can be corrected. 

If there is a piece of unique content created complete with back links and distributed unaltered to multiple article directories you may only receive hits from one link or multiple hits from several links. These links gain hits to your site and the more people see your articles in the article directories. When you have several versions of the same content across several sites the links are bound to be downgraded and penalized by Google. 

There is an ongoing problem with duplicate content across the Internet. This is mostly due to niche websites creating multiple articles and using them across several blogs or websites by the same owner. For example, if ten articles are written about horses and posted on several websites of the same owner there is a good chance for duplicate content. In this case there is a good chance Google will block and disable nine of those websites leaving only one searchable. 

Quite often duplicate content happens intentionally and distributed across multiple domains in an attempt to manipulate search engine rankings. There is nothing worse than a search that produces several websites all with the exact same content. In this case Google may penalize the owner of the domains and shut them down. 

When you own a website especially a niche website be sure that all of the content is original. Major search engines will view your website and place you high in the search engine rankings as well as increasing the flow of smart traffic to your website. 

Getting The Right Back Links

To get a high ranking page you must have high quality backlinks. The amount of backlinks is equally as important, however, you may not get as high in the search engine rankings. It’s much easier to have 12 high quality backlinks that have relevant keywords than it is to have hundreds of backlinks all with irrelevant keywords. The definition of a keyword is a word that is related to the subject of an article.

The perfect result is to have backlinks that are close to the top of the search results page. The closer you are to the top, the higher the quality rating major search engines will give that link. Also, you never want to have a link on a search results page with hundreds of other links. Most search engines do not look past the first 50 on a page. It’s difficult to do this, however, with practice you will soon learn how to have your content placed high in search results.

Website owners can get free or paid backlinks. There are many different options available. Website owners can submit their sites to directories of course placing them in the correct category or they can find directories that are relevant to their sites. There are several free directories where website owners will need to place a reciprocal link on their sites to receive a free placement of backlinks on their site. Never use reciprocal link directories. When you find the right directory you will get high quality backlink exchanges. You can find several high quality directories by searching on the Internet. Of course there are some directories that have a higher value and well worth submitting to over others.

When an article is written that is of high value and gets submitted to social networking sites, article submission sites and press releases there is an opportunity to put backlinks in the articles which will improve the image to major search engines. If you are considering writing articles, be sure they are in the niche where you want them to be and you submit them in the proper category. If you are uncertain which category your article should be placed in do a search of the subject for examples. Make sure the article is focused on that particular niche and give the readers high value content.

When articles with backlinks are submitted to social bookmarking sites, it increases the visibility of the backlinks. However, the more popular bookmarking sites will not allow exclusive promotion of content and your account will be banned. A basic rule of thumb is to never promote your own content or your own services in the content of an article.

One of the best ways of getting the right backlinks is by using links that are relevant to the keywords used in the content of an article. If you are uncertain which keywords are relevant to an article you’re writing do a keyword search. Once you find the right keywords it’s easy to place backlinks as you are writing the article.


Tips To Rank Up

Many website owners often ask the question of how to optimize their website for search engines. Actually there are many ways to optimize a website for search engines that many websites owners don’t know about.

Here are a few tips that most website owners use to rank pages higher so that they are found in natural search results will help your website get a higher search engine ranking.

One of the more common is by using keywords. However, a lot of research should be done on which keyword is going to best target a particular page on your website. The best way is to choose only one keyword per page. The next step is to try and have the keyword appear at least 1% to 4% within the body of that particular web page. One important factor to remember is to never use a keyword more than 4% because this is considered keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is against the guidelines of major search engines and will have your website banned from search results.

When placing keywords be sure they are natural and go with the flow of the content. You always want to please your readers first and the search engines second. Also consider keyword placement. Keyword placement is placing the keyword somewhere in the first line of the first paragraph, in the body of the content and the first sentence of the last paragraph. This is proper keyword placement.

The amount of content also matters. If you have at least 500 words of content you will have the perfect website page. Combine that with proper keyword placement of relevant keywords and you will improve the search engine rankings of your website dramatically.

The proper use of tags is another way to have a high ranking web page. This includes header tags, italics tags, and bold tags. Try breaking your page into subheadings so that it’s easier for your visitors to read. Major search engines love this also. Even better try adding a keyword into each subheading. Try bolding or underlining the title as well as subheadings if it flows well with the content.

One of the best way to have a high ranking web page is by using back linking. This is a very effective strategy that SEO professionals have used for years. Back linking is building links on other websites that point to your website. You can also hold a visitors attention and encourage them to click through to other pages of your website. This is a great way to gain authority and see your search engine rankings soar.

For other tips and tricks on how to give your website high search engine rankings search on the Internet. There are also websites of SEO professionals that can show you exactly how to improve website rankings. Most of these websites will give you step by step instructions on techniques such as meta tags, keyword placement and various other strategies. You can also sign up for email newsletters that provide advice and strategies for improving search engine rankings.